STYLE GURU STYLE: It's Raining Plaid

I am aware that fall has passed and winter has been upon us for what feels like eternity, but the Tommy Hilfiger fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection is too perfect for me not to share. Tommy Hilfiger utilizes plaid throughout his entire show while incorporating bold and deep colors as well. This pattern is not restricted to fall alone, however. If you think about it, plaid is everywhere! It’s in the flannel shirts we tie around our waists in the summer, the scarves that we wrap around our necks in the winter and the rain boots that we wear to keep our feet dry during April showers. Tommy Hilfiger’s show was overloaded with plaid, but I am determined to keep plaid alive on the streets as well as the runway all year.

I woke up excited to wear my Ralph Lauren rain boots. The moment I saw them in the Macy’s shoe department on Black Friday it was love at first sight. The tartan pattern goes with everything from high-waisted riding pants to a pair of jeans. Perhaps that is why plaid is my favorite pattern! It is a staple that can be interchanged with many different pieces in a wardrobe, adding excitement to the somewhat simplistic style I have.

The black leather jacket and striped baby T-shirt are staples in my style, yet the green riding pants with the dark purple lip color add that bold color that is so prominent throughout Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2014 show. Bold colors also make up the tartan pattern within my boots. Red, yellow and cobalt blue are primary colors that give a Fashionista the flexibility to accent with almost any color. The last final touch is my gold jewelry. The gold necklace and bangles not only add elegance to any outfit, but they also add consistency throughout the ensemble with the gold buckles attached to the boots. I look for uniformity and simplicity with any outfit I pick, and that process almost always starts with plaid.

Get My Look: 1. Ralph Lauren rain boots. 2. High-waisted skinny pants. 3. A simple striped T-shirt.