STYLE GURU STYLE: It's a Black Out

Black is the go-to color of every season. It is flexible, simplistic and glamorous, all wrapped up into a monochromatic look. It may seem too dark for some commoners, but it is the single most important hue for a chic, minimalistic outfit that will allow you to feel like a classic, sleek queen on a Tuesday afternoon. All-black outfits are not as easy as they look because in order to create the perfect ensemble, one needs to determine what textures will tie into their noir wardrobe. Now, let us go into how to “black out” your fashions for winter.

Although black clothing has been near and dear to my heart for years, your girl has recently have been inspired by Sonia Rykiel’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection. This brilliant collection ties in all-black, leather ensembles, statement jackets, fabulous fur and luxurious knit turtlenecks. These are the perfect pieces for the upcoming winter for Fashionistas everywhere because Sonia Rykiel ties in warmth and chicness all in one collection. The way this designer effortlessly styled two dramatic textures like leather and fur in a ready to wear collection shows how innovative this apparel is for the winter months.

After admiring the different textures incorporated into the Rykiel one of a kinds, I reviewed my closet and thought of a Rykiel-inspired look. I have many statement pieces but I knew my new fur vest had to be featured. This black faux fur was inexpensive and can be paired with different outfits perfect for the holiday season. I also knew a Rykiel look would not be complete without leather. I paired my fur vest with my leather-lined leggings and my black knit turtleneck. These statement pieces all flowed into one perfect all-black ensemble. These are all Rykiel-inspired but the Kelly Noonan spin would not be complete without my classic suede ankle booties, patent leather bag and nude gloss. These elements will absolutely advance your winter style to the next level and entice you to entirely black out your winter wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. Fur vest. 2. Any leather leggings. 3. Black Turtleneck 4. Black ankle boots.