STYLE GURU STYLE: Into the Jungle

Inspired by Victorian perceptions and explorers of the jungle, Erdem’s spring 2015 runway show is described as a visual experience of “trapping something wild.” His sleek, jungle print gowns offer different visions of this wild look. As the world of couture grows more accessible due to online articles and reviews, you can see its influence widen in pop culture, especially in the hip hop and rap scenes. While the most notable instance is Kanye West’s recent show with adidas, more subtle examples would be Childish Gambino’s love of busy prints, especially jungle-themed ones similar to this Erdem show.

While I would love to wear a full length ball gown, it’s a little difficult to pull off on a college campus, especially when your classes are on opposite sides of campus. Instead, I decided on flowy, jungle print shorts from Francesca’s. They are perfect for the humid weather Houston has been having. I paired it with a white top to keep the focus on my shorts and keep from overwhelming the outfit as a whole. My vintage denim jacket was stolen from my mom’s closet and adds a little warmth as protection against the lingering chill. I tried to stay simple with accessories, sticking to classic pearl earrings from Francesca’s, Lacoste sunglasses and neutral-toned Gap sandals. As a finishing touch I added this Heather Fossil watch and a textured ring to elevate the outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Jungle print shorts. 2. A solid-colored shirt. 3. A denim vest or jacket.