STYLE GURU STYLE: Own the Interview

As college students, March and April are vital turning points for the beginning of internship and job hunting season. The semester is almost over, and now that we have our sights on summer plans and extensive job searching, it’s time to get serious. As deadlines draw nearer and nearer, I thought to show off my personal style with one of my favorite professional looks. With this look, you’ll win that position with confidence and style!

They say the best way to rock an interview is having confidence through and through. I agree wholeheartedly, and what you’re wearing makes just as big an impact in the eyes of the interviewer and your own! That’s why one of my favorite looks is business casual: It makes me feel like a proper adult (kinda).

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Layering always puts the outfit together. Especially because summer isn’t quite here, the best way to stay comfortable and chic is by layering. In this look, I took a sweater and pulled it over a blouse. I know, we don’t hear much of blouses anymore, but their underrated versatility and ability to transform outfits can no longer be avoided. Blouses are a great way to showcase your style without sacrificing the proper occasion wear, especially if paired with a blazer.

Blazers may be the easiest accessory to transform an outfit from “I’m just chilling,” to “I’m ready to work!” Blazers mean business, while simultaneously managing to keep things casual. Shopping wise, H&M has the assortment of affordable and stylish clothing for young men and women that keeps you looking good in the office.

Don’t want to drudge around in heels all day? Not a problem. For me, style is exclusively about being comfortable. That’s why I prefer to wear flats if I know I’m going to have a busy day. My flats, based on the leather design from Macy’s American Rag collection, provide stylish and comfortable support that keeps me looking professional without sacrificing my feet.

Jobs and internships can be scary, but it’s all about confidence! Walking into an interview or work knowing that you’re absolutely rocking the professional look can be just the boost needed to blow them away!