STYLE GURU STYLE: In The Scale Of Gray

May 21st, 2015 at 2:10am

Over the last few years Coach has begun to veer toward my aesthetic. The edginess they have brought to the table since spring 2014 grasps my attention and makes me rethink my previous ideas of their brand. Similar to other designers, Coach chose grayscale for their fall ready-to-wear 2015 line. What made their line more interesting in my eyes was the accessories and layering each look had. Whenever I choose an all-black outfit I immediately picture a simple look with a small accessory, but this look inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and add a few accessories I normally wouldn’t grab. I love the different textures and patterns that each of their looks have. Every look had an enormous amount of individuality and risk.

With gloomy weather fading in over these last few weeks I decided to try out this fall look too. I adapted the leather jacket to a cut-off T-shirt. If you are going out you can always tie a leather jacket around your waist like an early 2000s mom. I kept the trend of all-black with a pinch of color by adding an evergreen and cream beanie. I’m not a big fan of scarves, but throwing a beanie on is always a good choice if you’re waking up late. Finally, I chose a pair of old black booties to run around in.

The edge of Coach’s fall ready-to-wear line keeps inspiring me to take a leap of faith and add more accessories than I normally would. There is always an opportunity to add another accessory or layer to an outfit. Taking risks is one of the keys to being successful; I aim to have a successful outfit each and everyday.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of black skinny jeans. 2. The perfect accessory—a necklace or scarf. 3. A pair of edgy black shoes.