February 20th, 2017 at 2:00am

“Drop it low like it did in the ’90s.”

I, as well as many people around the world, have been recently inspired to bring back all the ’90s fashion. From scrunchies to grunge looks and jean jackets, the ’90s are having a big comeback in the 21st century. And I am all for it. (Obviously!)

This outfit encompasses everything I have seen trending in recent months: jean jackets, converse, cut-up shirts, and braids.

Finding the right jacket for me can be extremely difficult. I have very broad, athletic shoulders so I typically have to size up in jackets and coats. It can be quite tricky. The arms will fit but the body of the coat is too big or vice versa. I can’t have my arms suffocating. With jean jackets back in style, it adds texture and a bit of spunk to your look. Especially if you have a black one like mine. I picked mine up here in Greece from a popular store called Pull and Bear. I’m all for the color black as it can go with everything. Jean jackets serve as an extra accessory that you can chuck on for warmth or wrap it around your waist for flare.

The color of freshly opened white Converse shoes may literally be the best thing ever. They are blinding. You don’t want to put them on because you don’t want to get them dirty or ruin them. I usually have that mentality until I muster up the courage to take them outside one day. Now, I am realizing what may be considered “dirty” Converse, really have a deeper meaning than what is on the outside. I look down at my shoes and see all the memories I have walked through. I see the pink spots from an extremely fun New Years Eve party, the stains from walking up the Acropolis to the Parthenon or the dirt from when I explored with my best friend. Why would you want to wash that away? It adds character in which I think every one needs to incorporate into their style.

I personally like the look of cut up T-shirts, only when you have created them yourself! It means your shirt is unique and no one else can steal it. Top it off with one of your favorite band logos on it. You’ll be surely to wear it over and over again.