STYLE GURU STYLE: I'll Have What She's Having

Fashionista proteges, please tell me you get the same feelings I do when I’m casually looking at runway shows and I find the most perfect of all collections. It’s that feeling of awe and desire, wishing you could create something to that degree of perfection and wishing you had a paycheck the size of Kim K’s house so that you could afford just one of the pieces. I’m a free spirit at heart, and that’s why Raquel Allegra’s fall 2015 line hit so close to home for me. The earth-toned color scheme, the oversized baggy-ness, the mixture of textures—it was just all I could ask for in a wardrobe. It’s just straight groovy.

If you’re like me and love these boho vibes, this is the collection for you. However, if you’re like me and have to present yourself as a young professional, and not able to afford to deck yourself out in tie-dye, then this adaptation of this collection is for you. I absolutely drooled over the urban edge to the overdone boho scene, and I couldn’t wait to figure out how to make it something I could rock every day to class and work. However, it needed to be toned down if I was going to be taken seriously, especially when trying to project a more professional air.

If all of this is screaming “Yes!” to you, let me tell you how you can achieve a look like this, too. First, you need to control your color scheme. Choose blacks, browns or grays as your base colors for your outfit. However, it would be down-right rude to neglect the beautiful tie-dye colors in this collection. So, find other places in your outfit that could hold color, without it being distracting. I chose a pair of green gauges, blue sandals and purse, an orange ring and—my favorite—a turquoise and brown necklace. See how many different colors I included? Yet none of them are in your face enough to take away from the overall look. Keep your bohemian vibe with loose-fitting shirts and light cardigans. Slip into some unstructured, distressed denim on bottom. Keep your sandals strappy, your rings dainty and your necklaces long. This is a recipe for the perfect Raquel Allegra meets CollegeFashionista ensemble. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

Get My Look: 1. A killer necklace (with color!). 2. A boxy T-shirt. 3. The cutest sandals.