October 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

It is that time of year again? My fellow Fashionistas and I are counting down the days until our favorite shows. is constantly being checked, and credit cards are being swiped in order to try and integrate our favorite new trends into our wardrobe. It is New York Fashion Week.

As the seasons change I struggle with letting go of my favorite pieces from the previous season. Over the summer, my go-to outfit included a white eyelet midi skirt and as fall approached I was sad to see it disappear from my everyday style. However, with a little inspiration from Fashion Week, particularly the Givenchy’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, I have been able to reintegrate it.

This show is a perfect source of inspiration. Elements of the show include a focus on black and white, silky fabrics and lots of lace. My favorite look included the silky skirts and dresses that feature lace paneling on the bottoms, or textiles that fade from solid fabric to lace. The fabrics as well as the draping methods in this collection reminded me of the the recurring “underwear as outerwear” trend.

While I am not confident enough to wear a milky white lace skirt as outerwear, the look reminded me of my eyelet skirt from the summer. Taking inspiration from the black and white ensembles of the show, I created my own monochromatic look! My look includes a black high-neck cropped drop, with side cutouts paired with a white midi-length eyelet skirt. To complete the look and keep warm in the fall, I threw on a black leather jacket. To accessorize I added a black leather clutch with gold zipper detail. I also tried to add a soft touch with my hair down and straightened and black pumps with a glittery silver heel.

Everyone is inspired by things in different ways. I looked to the Givenchy show and used it as inspiration for this outfit. Not only was I able to wear my midi skirt into fall, but I put my own twist on the trend.

Don’t be afraid to make these fashion trends your own rather than simply copying them. You can reflect your personality and feel comfortable in any trend. Be confident and fabulous!

Get My Look: 1. A midi eyelet skirt.  2. A black crop top.  3. A leather jacket.