STYLE GURU STYLE: How to Wear Exaggerated Sleeves

April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Lately in the fashion world, it seems as if the words oversize and statement have become synonymous. The bigger, the better. Big flares on wide leg jeans, big sunglasses, big shoulders, and following the trend, sleeves. With this being said, one of my favorite trends for spring is exaggerated sleeves.

As intimidating as they may look to some, you wear them like normal sleeves. Since statement sleeves add a stylish flare to any shirt, they are easy to pair with a variety of simple bottoms since they ultimately steal the show. This is the main difference between statement sleeves and normal sleeves—exaggerated sleeves are statement piece so opt to pair them with basics. Feeling extra bold? Have fun and mix them with funky items and rock a sophisticated outfit—think slightly Victorian-inspired with a hint of the ’70s.

This is exactly what I did in the look shown. I saw this off-the-shoulder top and fell in love. The exaggerated puffed sleeves added some drama to an otherwise classic style. I also loved that it was a crisp, bold white, perfect for spring days ahead.

To keep the look light and casual, I paired my shirt with floral embroidered jeans. The reds and greens from the rose embroidery added that pop of color needed to amp up an otherwise basic jean. Pulling out colors from the embroidery, my red minimalist heels put a sophisticated twist on this outfit. Minimalist heels are the perfect way to finish off outfits that include statement pieces in spring—you can even add a lightweight ruffle sock for more detail.

Exaggerated sleeves are a stylish statement. Pick your statement piece, and rock it this spring.