STYLE GURU STYLE: Holiday Holdover

With the holiday season behind us, for some, the long, hard winter months are about to begin. The thing is, I really enjoy the holidays and winter months, so I don’t usually make a sincere effort to put away my Christmas-themed clothes right away. (If I’m honest, some of my holiday pieces are used all year round.)

Because I enjoy these pieces so much, and since the time of year is most appropriate, I make it a point to try to showcase their uniqueness, all while staying true to my personal style, which revolves heavily around classic looks.

Normally, patterned leggings wouldn’t be an item I would reach for in my wardrobe, but because of their fun, winter pattern, I just couldn’t pass them by. That being said, I wanted to create a look that echoed the holiday spirit, but without being tacky.

I’ve found the best way to ground loud pieces is to wear them with more subdued, neutral items. Let the specific item be the focal point of the outfit. From there, choose other pieces that compliment the main item. By styling in this way, the particular piece will to have its moment to shine and overall can make the outfit more wearable.

In this outfit, I balanced the patterned leggings by pairing them with the staple items, an over-sized, denim shirt and knit sweater.

I also wanted to tie in the colors from the leggings with my other pieces, hence the cream colored sweater and beanie. The black booties and trench coat were chosen for the same reason.

I hope this outfit inspires and encourages you to experiment with unique pieces, especially those that may seem out of your comfort zone. After all, it’s a new year, so why not try something new?