STYLE GURU STYLE: Hitting Sweater Weather

“I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!” Okay, so maybe it’s a little too early to start quoting the greatest holiday movie ever, Elf, but I’m so beyond excited that fall is finally here. And to all of my fellow fall lovers out there, you most definitely know what this means—changing of the leaves means changing of the wardrobe.

While I must admit that spring is my favorite season because of the fresh start we get after winter, fall is without a doubt my favorite season to dress for. As many of you know, the start of fall also means an overwhelming Instagram feed full of the latest collections and “oh, no,” moments from New York Fashion Week. After seeing the collections and runway pictures take over social media, I was fully ready to flip the switch into fall mode and break out all of the items I’ve been dying to dust off.

Let me start by saying (admitting, really) that I based this entire look off of my brand new fall booties. Being someone who is only five feet tall, I’m quite literally always looking for a little extra boost when it comes to buying shoes. Although these little black babies have a heel that is a little bit higher than what I would wear on a daily basis, I just could not pass them up. Just by looking at them, I knew how versatile of a shoe they could be—if you want to wear them out and about with your friends on the weekend, you most definitely can, or, if you want to break them out on Halloween when you’re killing it as Batwoman, you most definitely can do that too. Either way, the point is that I’m a big fan of being able to wear a garment or shoe for more than just one occasion because let’s face it, when you buy something you love, you can’t just let it sit in your closet after one use!

The rest of this look is left with relatively neutral garments and accessories with just a little bit of layering. When I first saw this open sweater tank from Madewell, I knew that I absolutely wanted to have it. In Ohio, the transition from summer to fall can be very wishy-washy or very abrupt—there is no in between. So garments like this are perfect for that unknown forecast because you can start breaking into your fall wardrobe by layering garments without totally jumping from shorts and tanks to jackets and blanket scarves. The last little pieces of my look are just a simple black hat and and classic kate spade purse to tie into the neutrality of the other pieces.

So happy fall to you all, and happy layering!