STYLE GURU STYLE: A Hint of Yellow

Nothing says spring like a bright, colorful statement piece. I spend most of the year wearing dark colors, so spring is fun for me. By the time spring rolls around, I love to bring in some color to mix it up. One of my favorite style tips for spring is to add a fun color your wardrobe. Not only does this bring an outfit to life, it does it in a cool way!

For this outfit, I chose a cream colored, Victorian style top. For my jeans I decided to wear a light wash pair with a high waist. To really make my outfit pop, I added my yellow rain jacket.  Although this jacket is mostly for style, it has proved to be efficient with these rainy days lately. I usually like to give my outfits some sort of edge, which is why I decided to pair this style of top with that color of jacket. For my shoes, I decided to go with a vegan leather loafer. I added my vintage leather backpack as an accessory, and as always, my gold glasses. For my makeup, I thought it would be awesome to put on a red lip. With this look, I think it created extra boldness. This outfit also goes great with a natural makeup look, or no makeup at all!

Spring is a great way to express yourself and it is easy to become inspired by the blooming colors around you! Also, with finals coming up, it’s nice to have something to brighten up your day.