STYLE GURU STYLE: Head to Toe Black

I was viewing Rebecca Minkoff’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection and was inspired by the last few looks that came down the runway. Rebecca created four looks that were mostly black but had a 3D effect to them with pops of color. As you all know from my STYLE GURU BIO, nothing beats my obsession with black. I immediately decided that I wanted to replicate Rebecca’s all-black 3D idea in my own way.

My look consists of a black jumpsuit with neon jewelry and nail polish to give it that pop of color and almost 3D-inspired look in my own way. Since I obviously couldn’t wear a 3D outfit, I put my own twist on the look with the neon colors hoping that would emit the similar effect we see in Rebecca’s designs. I have also paired the jumpsuit with a sleek black heel, keeping the main focal points on the neon details. This look is simple and comfortable, yet looks super chic and sophisticated. Some people may think that wearing all-black takes away from the overall look, but I love the feel of this outfit.

To accessorize, I painted my nails a bright pink color to complement the pink in my necklace. The necklace also has other bright, almost neon, colors in it. This gives a pop of color around my face to work as a focal point for the upper half of the look. I also accessorized with a bulky, yellow bracelet to give another focal point to the look through its color and texture. To top the look off, I chose to mix two of my lipstick colors together to get a fun bold color on my lips.

You could really get creative when choosing a shoe to wear with this look. I chose a sleek black heel with cutouts to bring out the sophisticated side of this outfit. However, you could play it up and even go with a completely different colored shoe to add a pop of color for a night out on the town with your friends. If you wanted to dress it down, try a bulkier heel or even a sharp pair of flats.

What I love about this look is that it is very versatile and can be worn for many different occasions. This outfit could be worn to work (if you add a blazer to make it more professional), a night out with your friends, a date night, a work event or any other formal event. The one thing that changes it up for each occasion is the way you accessorize! I chose the neon accessories as inspiration from Rebecca Minkoff’s designs, but because of the simplicity of the jumpsuit, you could accessorize however you’d like! Make it a goal to see how many ways you can personally style an all-black outfit for different events you have going on (I know I’ll be trying to rock this look as many different times as I can!).

Get My Look: 1. Black jumpsuit. 2. Neon jewelry.  3. Bold shoes.