STYLE GURU STYLE: Haute Headpieces

April 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s finally spring! But, it hardly feels like it here in Wisconsin. If the continuously changing weather makes it difficult to select an outfit, you’re not alone. I’m constantly battling whether I should throw on baggy sweater or risk shivering through the day in a lightweight spring top.

In January, Elie Saab introduced his spring 2016 collection filled with flowing dresses, intricate beaded jackets and laced detail tops. One thing I absolutely love about the collection is the way he featured light, neutral colors on jackets, long sleeve tops and pants. One of my favorite looks from the line is the white joggers with a metallic beaded crop jacket. Although I’m obsessed with that jacket, it doesn’t necessarily fit my everyday style (or probably my budget)!

I chose to incorporate pieces I already had in my closet to mimic the style of Elie Saab’s collection and so I started with white jeans. The white denim brightens the look and they are a staple item for spring! Saab incorporated white and neutral pieces all over his looks, emphasizing the change in seasons.

I accompanied the jeans with this nude top. The top features some woven embellishment that reminded me of a toned down version of lace tops featured in Elie Saab’s collection. I’m not a huge fan of lace on myself, so this top was my nod to the trend.

Elie Saab’s show featured tons of gorgeous headpieces. I have always loved headbands, so I doubled up on them to mimic the extravagant pieces from the show. My headbands didn’t have the same sparkle as the Elie Saab head pieces, so I decided to add a bold necklace to intensify the look. Elie Saab’s runway looks also featured several royal blue pieces and that’s why I chose this specific bright blue necklace!

Finally, I decided to incorporate the metallic looks from the show through my footwear. I went with these metallic sandals to add an extra shine and complete the outfit.

Get My Look: 1. White jeans. 2. Embellished top. 3. Head piece. 4. Metallic sandals.