Saint Laurent’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was everything spring fashion should be: eclectic. The collection experimented with numerous colors and patterns where each outfit was not like the other. Leathers were mixed with floral print and denims. The one recurring thing on the models, however, was attention-grabbing hats. Like tiaras on a princess, these hats decided to steal the show from the rest of the garments. I love how that differs from the primary idea of a hat: an accessory, an add on, almost a last thought to the outfit. These hats were not the final accessory or cover up for a bad hair day, they were bright, fun and worthy of any ensemble.

In my own everyday wear, I decided to adopt this trend. It would not be ready-to-wear if these hats were just meant for the runway. My favorite statement hat is this oxblood floppy hat I purchased from Forever 21. The head accessory looks perfect with the matching flowers on my blouse. I bring the whole look together with plain navy chino shorts and a rope belt. The rope belt adds texture and can be a really fun element if you tie it in a knot. Lastly, I opted for sandals that match the color of the rope belt. However, the best accessory is a smile that matches with any outfit!

Get My Look: 1. An attention-grabbing floppy hat. 2. A floral blouse that puts spring flowers to shame. 3. Some versatile chino shorts.