STYLE GURU STYLE: Groundbreaking Spring Florals

Growing up in the south, I have done my fair share of boutique shopping, and when you go to school in a small college town in the SEC, it’s even harder to stand out from the crowd when we all seem to have the same outfits from the same local stores. That’s where amazing accessories come into play. Don’t get me wrong, this embroidered, dropped waist dress is precious, but the accessories are what truly takes my look to the next level.

First, to add some flare to my look, I paired this rust, floral dress with a mauve, wide brimmed hat. Not only is this the perfect attention grabbing accessory, it’s prefect for hiding that third day hair that you don’t want to fully expose (don’t lie, we’ve all been there). Secondly, I paired this hat with a matching gray pair of Vince Camuto lace-up heels. While these are a darker color from the fall collection, the open toe laces allow these heels to transition seamlessly from fall to spring.

In order to avoid appearing too put together and matching, I paired these two accessories with a black cross-body bag. This helps to pull out the darker tones in the dresses’ embroidery while breaking up the monotony of the accessories. The black bag also helped with tying in my black out Quay sunglasses. These glasses are the best because they aren’t too expensive and they help to instantly elevate any look.

With so many statement pieces in one outfit, I decided it was best to keep the rest of the look rather plain. I opted out of most jewelry, aside from the few pieces I wear each day, and avoided bright colors that would throw off the balance.

In the end, I loved this outfit. I wore it out for dinner with some friends and truly felt like I was commanding attention and making a statement. If this look taught me anything, it was that if you feel good about yourself and your outfit when you look in the mirror, don’t be afraid to rock your fit all day and night.