STYLE GURU STYLE: Greek Tennis Player Aesthetics

If you like 50 different shades of gorgeous blues, the Emporio Armani spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection is for you. Throughout his collection, Giorgio Armani integrated multiple different shades of blue, from sky blue to ocean blue to every blue in between. Armani used white and gray to help the blue hues stand out in his collection, and he designed multiple structured pieces to create his collection.

For me, the blue hues are gorgeous and look amazing with almost anything, but I really found my inspiration in look five from the Emporio Armani collection. The structure of the boxy cropped T-shirt was one of my favorite parts of the collection, and I just happened to have a shirt like that at home. I paired my cropped T-shirt with a pair of white shorts with a navy blue pattern around the edges, giving them a subtle match with the T-shirt. As per usual, I kept my accessories to an almost minimum, only wearing my everyday jewelry. The only accessories I added were a red bandana and black suspenders to give my outfit some flair.

The Emporio Armani collection inspired me to play around with different shades of color. A lot of times, I find myself wearing a lot or too much black, never really deviating from dark pieces. This summer, I want to play around with hues, creating ombré looks or outfits that use one statement color. This collection is great for inspiration on how to pair with different shades of blue, and the structured pieces are fun to play around with.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of Greek-inspired white shorts. 2. A navy blue cropped T-shirt. 3. White high-top Vans. 4. Black suspenders. 5. A bandana.