STYLE GURU STYLE: Graduating Guru

It is that time of the year where classes are wrapping up and people like me are scrambling to find the perfect outfit to show off my four years of hard work. I like to stick to the classic graduation trend and go for a white dress. You would think that finding the perfect white dress wouldn’t be that hard, right? It is actually a lot harder than you think, not to mention all the other girls out there trying to find their perfect dress as well and everything selling out.

I took a classic style here and made it a little flirtier and fun. I absolutely love these shoes because they have a little heel, and klutzy girls like me don’t have to worry about falling off the stage in front of thousands of people. I love that they wrap around my ankle and tie. This is such a trendy look for today, and the ties help to show off your leg.

My dress is great because it is a more affordable version of the one I truly wanted and really resembles look I was going for. I love how sophisticated this dress is. It is a great purchase for Fashionistas who want to get a graduation dress that they can surely wear at another event later down the road. The bottom hem with the flowers adds some dimension to the dress and makes it a lot less boring. This look all put together makes me feel so grown up and put together. This is how all graduating seniors should feel!

Don’t forget to wear your signature necklace for good luck! I love my coordinates necklace because it is just the perfect size and I can wear it with a nice dress or with my everyday wear. I get so many comments on it, and it is a great way to show off a place that you hold close to your heart.

For all of you graduating Fashionistas out there, good luck! Be proud of yourself and all that you have accomplished thus far.