As a recent, and very excited, member of the 21 club, I find my night life to be quite different. By different, I mean that it is evolving or, one might even say, maturing…well a very light sense of the word. I have started trading in my high-waisted shorts and crop tops for rompers and block heels. The times of house parties are behind me, and I am welcoming happy hour with open arms.

The reason that this is such a milestone when it comes to how I dress is mainly due to the fact that what is appropriate at college parties is not exactly acceptable for a night out downtown. As any girl in college knows, your look matures throughout your four years. While it was completely fine to go out in jean shorts, a crop top, and some old sandals freshman year, you wouldn’t be caught dead in that senior year. Not only do trends change drastically in four years, but so do we. We are constantly changing from what we do and how we act to what trends we like and how we dress.

This outfit combines my three favorite pieces to wear for a night out: a bodysuit, a skirt, and block heels. Block heels are my absolute favorite shoes to wear when I head out to happy hour. Not only are they more comfortable than stilettos, but they are less casual than wedges. I love to wear some short of heel when I go out, mostly because I’m short, but the real plus is that it helps not get your feet stepped on.

The skirt speaks for itself and is just one of those versatile items that you can dress up or down. Also, the pocket detail and the button front are adorable. I paired the skirt with a very simple, open-back bodysuit. Bodysuits have become my replacement for crop tops, because they still allow you to be sexy without having to have half of your stomach out.

This outfit is a great alternative to the crop top and high-waisted shorts because it is not a drastic change. This is just a slightly more sophisticated look for a girl growing up, but still not ready to leave that college lifestyle behind.