Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to the last post of the semester! As this semester is winding down, us students are finding more time to go out and spend nights with friends. Being able to stroll the city with friends is the best way to spend evenings. When going out I usually tend to stick with darker colors. For this look, I chose to stick with all-black to reflect the runway look of, Karl Lagerfeld. In this spring 2017 line, Karl uses all-black statement pieces to reflect a classy but bold look. My favorite piece from this collection is the all-black jumpsuit. Sadly, I couldn’t get my hands on this RAD jumpsuit but I styled a romper instead. In my look, I pulled the classy but edgy look through my heels.

I know some say you can’t wear black in the spring but I say black is good for all seasons. I paired this black romper with a bold statement necklace and fringe heels. Black is a great staple color for night time. If you wanted to add a pop of color add a great lipstick in a bold red or even plum and that will add a great accent to your look.

This look is so easy to accomplish. As most pieces of this look are very affordable (which let’s get real we are students ballin’ on a budget). Don’t feel like you have to break the bank to get a chic runway look. Most rompers can be found at affordable stores such as Forever 21 or Zara.

I hope that you enjoyed my final look for the semester! Don’t be afraid to take fashion risks and rock whatever you want to wear. Fashion is about expression and being confident in what you wear, no matter if it breaks typical fashion “rules”

Stay RAD!

Get My Look: 1. A black romper. 2. Fringe heels. 3. A statement necklace.