Michael Kors is the fundamental women’s brand. Kors has a reputation for embracing femininity with classic, flattering silhouettes. His spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection featured many shirt and skirt combos—a dominant style on current runways. Gingham also made an appearance in this look. I love the way Kors was able to take a vintage print in a classic silhouette and update it.

To capture the classic vibe in Kors’ collection, I wanted to take vintage-inspired pieces and give them a modern edge. My high neck, black crop top is a cheap, versatile and edgy staple that brings the look into our era. I was lucky enough to acquire the gingham, knee-length skirt through my mother, which inspired the whole outfit. To make the skirt more flattering, I simply tied a small side knot.

My sunglasses had a subtle, pointed, almost cat eye vibe to them, so they fit in with my vintage theme. I included a modern nod to the ’50s with a pair of black and white oxfords and short sock combination. I added a tiny black velvet bow to a messy top bun for a feminine touch.

Sometimes the only way to fully understand the future is to look back at a former time. This holds true for fashion. Forecast for future trends is often a reflection of a trend from a past decade. Michael Kors does a great job of revamping classics, and incorporating gingham gave me a fresh outlook on vintage.

Get My Look: 1. A black crop top with a high neck. 2. Gingham pencil skirt. 3. Black and white oxfords.