STYLE GURU STYLE: Goin' For Gingham

Diane Von Furstenberg has a reputation for producing ultra feminine printed dresses. For the spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, she did not disappoint. The show was full of florals in black and white, pink, blue and green. But what stood out the most was not the colorful floral print, but the black and white gingham. Von Furstenberg easily manipulated this pattern as deftly as she does the perennial floral we all expect. Even when the look combined floral and gingham patterns at once, gingham was the star of the show. This simple graphic print temporarily put floral prints to the side.

For my look, I chose to use the gingham print in ankle length pants as opposed to the summer dresses used in Von Furstenberg’s show. It’s a more casual take on the trend that allows for additional flexibility in the styling. It also shows the print in a more preppy light, instead of the feminine approach taken by the show. Gingham was used in multiple colors in the show, but was mainly in black and white, which makes it more accessible for anyone to try. Whenever we’re unsure of a new style or trend, we typically test the waters by trying it in black first. I paired the pants with a plain white T-shirt and the ubiquitous chambray shirt that everyone seems to have. Since the shirt is oversized, I left it open and wore it as a jacket.

For accessories, I kept the colors neutral to match the top and pants. The hat was my way of adding some humor to the look with cat ears. The cameo ring was another way I added visual interest without breaking the color palette or general mood of the look. Upon closer inspection, the ring shows a romantic portrait of a woman’s silhouette that adds some femininity to the look. Without any conflicting prints or bold colors, I left the look pretty simple, leaving the patterned pants to draw the eye.

Get My Look: 1. A cat ear hat. 2. Gingham pants. 3. A cameo ring.