One of my favorite looks to sport can easily be described by Saint Laurent’s fall 2015 menswear show. Here, we see high fashion meeting the grunge look. This is where leather, zippers, fitted black pants and combat boots help you pull off this specific runway look.

My translation for this look is also inspired by many of my dad’s hand-me-downs to me from the ’90s. My dad is what I consider to be a true Generation X individual—an art school graduate and a lover of all the best music from his lifetime. You can still see his ’90s punk and grunge days in his hand-me-down band T-shirts and flannels he has given me. I only wish his combat boots (which he still occasionally wears) fit me.

Like Saint Laurent also did, I put my own female twist on this menswear look while still staying true to the style. The first thing I go to is my black leggings because they are comfortable, simple and black. The T-shirt I wore in this outfit actually isn’t a band shirt. It is a T-shirt from Topshop with a really cool flower design on the front. Because it is so cold, and it adds to the grunge look, I added a men’s flannel under my favorite faux leather jacket and a beanie. I have a couple pairs of trendy combat boots like most of us do, but I have recently acquired a pair of Dr. Martens, and I cannot live without them. I believe every Fashionista/o should have a pair in their wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of Dr. Martens boots. 2. A black faux leather jacket with zippers, 3. A cool canvas rucksack/backpack.