July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

My inspiration for this look came from the Emilio Pucci resort 2016 collection. The bright colors and bold patterns drew me to this collection. The different looks are paired with high fashion loafers and sandals. The different textures and whimsical cuts perfectly encompass the collection’s fun nature. Overall, this collection is a perfect representation of the looks coming at you in the upcoming seasons.

To recreate this for a more wearable look, I started with a bold, bright jungle print dress. I picked a dress that would pop and become the focus of the look. Under the dress I threw on a lace halter. This is a subtle way to add the texture element to the look. One of my favorite parts of this collection was the high fashion loafers. I loved the menswear inspired shoes. Since I don’t own any loafers, I paired this dress with a pair of oxford heels. The collection does not focus much on accessories aside from the occasional belt or ascot. The beauty of rocking a bold pattern is that minimal accessorizing is needed. Adding multiple accessories would take away attention from the dress.

This look, although toned down from the runway, was a little out of my box. I find myself being more drawn to neutrals than bold colors or patterns. With wearing a lot of neutrals, I often have to put a lot of thought into the accessories. With this look, the dress could speak for itself. I will definitely be rocking more bold patterns in the upcoming seasons.

Get My Look: 1. Bold dress. 2. Lace halter. 3. Oxford heels.