Being a woman is something we should be proud of. Women are strong, bold, inspiring go-getters. We strive for the best and will go to the end of the world if we need to, just so we can achieve the things we want. What helps us portray and flaunt our empowerment? Well, the way we dress, of course! We can strut our way through life while making a statement, and that is something to feel great about. Juicy Couture’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection fuels a woman’s power. It does it in a way where you can still remain comfortable and chic while still feeling and looking feminine. Who run the world? Girls!

Wearing just a dress isn’t the only way to achieve a feminine look. Denim and shorts can now be a fun way to show your girly, feminine fun side. A good way to do this is by pairing them up with heels or platforms! The majority of the looks in this collection incorporated heels. I decided to wear a pair of white platforms. The beauty of wearing heels is that they have the ability to elevate your look and transform your basics into a show stopping look—basics don’t have to be basic, ladies! I then went ahead and added my boxy cat printed top for a cute touch along with my red bowler hat for a pop of color. To finish of the look, I wore a shade of red lipstick for a bold and strong statement.

Here’s to celebrating all women and a collection that empowers us to stay strong and move ahead!

Get My Look: 1. Platforms. 2. Bowler hat. 3. Red Lipstick