All puns aside, this spring I have definitely been enjoying my gingham. The weather has been warmer, the grass a little less moist from all of these April showers and everyday picnicking is starting to sound like a great option for every meal. Might I add, matching with the décor doesn’t sound too bad at all! I think I might be gingham crazy. But so are several designers. From Diane von Furstenberg spring 2015 to Adam Selman fall 2015, it looks like checks won’t be a pattern of the past and is here to stay for at least another season to come!

I definitely loved the looks on the runway reincorporating the gingham-check in a multitude of incredibly different ways. From the much more magnified patterns to sharp, vivid color choices (some of shock value) to a shift from lightweight cottons to sheer silks, it is clear to see why many are beyond enthusiastic for gingham this spring.

I certainly don’t contest it. Today, I am wearing my favorite gingham trousers with a matching gingham peplum top. Personally, I love an updated classic. The pattern may be common-place gingham, but the structure is reflective of the innovative style and structure of today. To add, I am wearing my favorite lightweight cardigan draped over my shoulders, 1950’s “casual girl” style.

I don’t know if it’s because I miss my grandfather so dearly whenever I hear Sinatra or Doris Day randomly pop up on my playlist shuffle or that I have been marveling over Zac Posen’s reincarnations of old Hollywood glamour since forever, or every time my friends refer to my car as “Ricky Ricardo,” I am reminded that I haven’t watched I Love Lucy in about six years, but as I grow more interested in my family’s history, I consistently wonder what fashions they wore in their youth decades before I was born.

More than likely, with its youthful utilitarian style, my parents and their’s as well once sported gingham on the daily. It is quite refreshing to see it reincorporated and reinvented today, wouldn’t you agree?

What was once considered “retro-chic” for the past few years is now mind-blowingly modern-chic today!

Get My Look:  1. A gingham set. 2. The perfect red or pink-red lip. 3. Classic leather oxfords. 4. Darling vintage strawberry earrings.