May 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

For so many years it’s been an ongoing battle with designers and fashion lovers if fur is stylish or if it’s just wrong. No offense to those who dislike fur but personally, I believe it’s super trendy and always makes an outfit look a little bit more glamorous. Marc Jacobs is a designer that sees how glamorous fur can be and even featured it in his latest runway show. His latest collection was very edgy and almost a little bit grunge. In his outfits, the fur jacket was the focus of the look. With its crazy print and texture, it was almost like he channeled Cruella De Vil and made her a little bit grunge. As much as we hate the Dalmatian-snatching woman, you have to admit she is one stylish lady. No matter where or how she is portrayed, someone always makes sure we know Cruella De Vil is one stylish woman.

As much as I love her fur coat, I’m going to be real and admit it’s a little bit intimidating to wear a giant fur coat. What I did to translate the look from the runway was I wore a toned down fur cardigan. It still manages to be a focus in my outfit, and because it’s more toned down I can easily wear it on a day to day basis. Marc Jacobs’ entire runway was a little bit grunge which is why I threw on my lip-print crop top for that pattern I seem to be lacking in my cardigan. 

Get My Look: 1. A fur cardigan. 2. Graphic crop top. 3. White skirt.