STYLE GURU STYLE: For Lace and Leather

As the temperature drops, it’s pretty obvious that we need to start bundling up. Everyone knows that layers are a cute and cozy way to get the job done, but the interesting part is how you choose to layer up. The fun in having an individual style is that you can turn any kind of trend into something that is totally unique and fits.

I’ve never been able to categorize my style as one certain thing or another; my outfits usually incorporate lots of very different types of clothing. Whether it be a leather motto-jacket and a floral baby-doll dress or a camouflage print jacket and a pair of American Apparel disco pants, juxtaposition of styles, colors and textures has always been something my style relies on.

Iro’s fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection uses tons of different material to make a cohesive collection. Lace, cable-knit, fur, leather, you name it. Combining all of these textures and materials can give you a totally unique, layered look for fall.

My take on this mix-and-match layered look played off my edgy style. I stuck to the predominantly monochrome color palette of Iro’s collection, but threw on my favorite distressed, light-wash jeans for good measure. All of the pieces apart are closet staple pieces, but put together, each piece has a totally new air about it, transforming an über girly ensemble into something totally punk-rock.

Layering my favorite CBGB T-shirt, I added a long, lace over-dress as my second layer. Mine is from the summer collection of Kendall & Kylie for PacSun. On top, I threw on my black leather motto-jacket for more of an edge. Finally, I paired it with distressed jeans and black combat boots to keep with the punk theme.

In fashion, there’s no rules or limitations; throw together a glitter covered ankle bootie with a flannel dress or a denim midi skirt with a bra top.  As long as you’re confident and know that you’re absolutely rocking it, everyone else will totally think you know what you’re doing.

Get My Look: 1. A leather jacket. 2. Some sort of longer layer. 3. An edgy top. 4. Your favorite distressed jean. 4. Some kick-ass boots.