STYLE GURU STYLE: Flowers Around My Neck

My favorite part of spring fashion is finding creative ways to wear everything I could not during winter. This mostly means all my favorite dresses, and I was looking to try some new things this spring season. I took my cues from Manish Arora’s spring/summer ready-to-wear collection that debuted at Paris Fashion Week this year. Arora is known for his heavy ornamentation, but he decided to scale that back a bit this year. His designs are still incredibly detailed but in a way that is more accessible to the everyday woman. Arora’s line is perfect for spring with its sparkle and light colors. The incorporation of Indian themes mixed with modernistic and playful colors creates a joyful collection that is a wonder to behold.

In some of Arora’s designs, a bejeweled or embroidered collar can be seen taking majority of the attention. I decided to embrace this trend and pull out an old dress that featured detailing along the neckline. The cobalt blue and bright yellow stood out against the red so well that I wanted the dress to be the focus of the outfit. I hardly ever wear such bold colors, usually opting for neutrals or muted tones, but I balanced it out with an oatmeal moto jacket and booties. The dress was loose and made of cotton, so I added some shape and structure with the tighter jacket. I thought this look was perfect for a sunny spring day that needed some color.

Get My Look: 1. A dress with a detailed neckline. 2. A fitted moto jacket. 3. Pair of oatmeal booties.