STYLE GURU STYLE: Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

Now that the cold winter season has finally started to die down, we can start to transition our wardrobes into spring. Put your all-black ensembles in the back of your closet because it is time to start digging for your florals and bright colors.

Switch out your trench jackets for this awesome trench vest. This trench vest is a great accessory to add to any outfit. The camel color is on trend right now, with many celebrities and fashion icons switching out their clothing for anything camel colored. You can see this trend in jackets, vests, and even with khaki pants making a comeback. This color is also awesome for people who don’t like to spend too much time picking out their outfits because it is so easy to match with almost any color. I personally love the style of a trench coat, and because I live in Florida, I don’t get too many opportunities to wear it. However, this vest allows me to be able to wear this trend without sacrificing having to melt in the heat.

I paired the trench vest with my favorite floral tank top. As I have mentioned before, the heat in Florida can be unbearable, so this tank top is perfect because it is very lightweight. I know, wearing flowers in spring is so cliché, but I think that if you find small ways to incorporate floral into your wardrobe it can be super cute. I also love the muted colors of the flowers in this top. It is perfect if you don’t want to be screaming flowers but you do want a small touch of it. Floral can be overdone very easily, so I think finding outfit options, like this tank top or small patches of floral in other accessories, can make any outfit ready for spring.

I paired these awesome studded booties with this outfit because I felt like it needed a pop of something fun. The design on the back of the heels adds an awesome texture to this outfit. These shoes are the perfect height, so you can walk to class in them and your feet won’t hurt at all! Since I decided to accessorize this outfit with the design on my booties, I kept my jewelry very simple. I mainly stick to silver jewelry just because I personally like how it looks on my skin tone better than gold.

If you aren’t ready to give up the dark colors and trendy jackets, you can find ways to slowly shift your clothing from winter to spring. Finding accessories like my trench vest is an easy way to keep the winter style while staying cool in the heat. You can also start contrasting your dark colors with light accessories. Hopefully you’ll figure out how to break the season barrier and come out trendier on the other side.