STYLE GURU STYLE: Florals Are Not For Spring

Let’s talk about spring. This season is typically associated with fresh air, blooming flowers and sunshine. After a brutal Wisconsin winter, spring should be a breezy, happy time. In reality, springtime in Madison brings harsh winds off the lake, foggy gray skies and rain. The weather will turn summer-like for a few days, just long enough to get a good sunburn, but the next week will bring rain and wind storms (or sometimes snow). Although flowers may already be blooming in other states, ours don’t pop up until the ground has had a little more time to defrost. This realization had me asking myself: is it appropriate for me to wear florals in spring?

Inspired by this realization, I consciously decided to not wear florals for spring. I went searching for inspiration for non-floral spring looks and came across the J.Crew spring 2015 ready-to-wear line. The collection was exactly what I needed for inspiration; the trousers were high-waisted and slouchy and the colors were fresh but not warm like the winter hues I’ve been wearing since November. I was especially inspired by the unique patterns many of the looks had.

I translated this collection into a college-appropriate street style look with a pair of patterned, high-waisted harem pants and a cream-colored T-shirt sweater. Since it is still chilly out, I added a light gray structured jacket on top. My accessories, a metal necklace and white and gray flats, kept the look simple. In a last minute pop of inspiration, I added a gold purse to give my outfit some light. My outfit matched the simple color scheme of J.Crew’s line and had the same loose, menswear feel that many of the models were sporting.

The J.Crew spring 2015 ready-to-wear line helped me find the perfect look to weather the weather. Don’t feel pressured to wear bright colors just because the calendar says it’s spring. Go with what you feel, even if that means saving your rose-patterned shorts for July. Avoiding florals for spring? Now that’s groundbreaking.

Get My Look: 1. Patterned harem pants. 2. A short sleeve sweater. 3. A short gray jacket.