STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral With Edge

I was inspired by Nicole Miller’s pre-fall 2016 collection. The collection pairs floral and delicate accessories with a lot of edgier staple pieces. All the floral prints add bursts of color while the edgy accessories add contrast. The entire collection brings together femininity in the floral and softer pieces while the accessories, like camouflage and leather, highlight a masculine edge. Many pieces play with the color wheel in an interesting way. While the outfit will be bright corals with hints of turquoise, the rest of the outfit will be black, which showcases the colors brilliantly.

I really like this collection because of the way it pairs the opposites in a unique way that suits almost anyone’s style. Even if leather isn’t your thing, you can just add some edgy jewelry or a more rugged flannel to a floral dress, and you’re captured the runway! Everyone has a few girly pieces of clothing and accessories in their closets, and a few pieces of the tomboy spectrum, making this look so easy to copy.

The dress that I used to copy this look is one of my personal favorites that I got while shopping around Harrisonburg. The revealing back adds both femininity and an edge while the floral pattern mimics the bright theme of the Nicole Miller collection. I used my accessories and shoes to add the tougher, masculine detail that each of the pieces in the collection showcase. My necklace also helped me deal with the drastic neckline that my dress entails.

Get My Look: 1. Floral dress. 2. Edgy jewelry. 3. Black booties.