I don’t know about y’all, but I am a devout lover of floral patterns. You can find winter florals and even summer florals that add that perfect touch to any outfit. If any, Stella Jean’s fall 2015 runway show made me ready for springtime and springtime florals! Though this was a fall runway show, the vivid colors and unique patterns reminded me of the warmer months. From deep blues and burgundy’s to bright pinks and yellows, this runway show was anything but the typical fall attire. Patterns, patterns and more patterns! Jean’s looks were compiled of unique patterns that I could not keep my eyes off of. There were floral, cheetah and even striped pieces that I fell in love with. What stood out to me was how each pattern stood on their own. Whether it be a floral pattern on top of a striped pattern, or an animal print on top of solid, the looks came together perfectly.

After seeing her floral ensembles, I thought it would be a perfect time to put together one of my very own. I went for a pattern on top of a solid. I pieced together a burgundy romper underneath a sheer floral long-sleeved top. I felt the burgundy and green color scheme still held on to the fall season, while the floral pattern introduced the Spring! I wore my favorite pair of tan wedges to dress up this look.

Stella Jean’s fall 2015 runway show introduced me to a vivid array of patterns that could be worn in the fall and even the spring. Her collection inspired me to bring out my fall colors during the new spring season!

Get My Look: 1. Basic burgundy romper. 2. Sheer floral top. 3. Fun tan wedges.