STYLE GURU STYLE: Find Your Monochromatic Muse

STYLE GURU STYLE: Find Your Monochromatic Muse

As the summer temperatures keep getting hotter and hotter, it is time to turn to your white-hot summer looks. Right now, I am having an obsession with the monochromatic look. I love the way that it gives you a clean and sleek look.

With all of the bright colors of the summer season, like the bright greens of the trees and the bright blues of the lakes and oceans, I believe there is no better way to contrast yourself from your surroundings than by wearing an all-white look.

I drew inspiration for this look from Suzanne Rae fall 2016, where the first featured look is a monochromatic and white blouse/pant.

This look is incredibly modern and fresh, with its clean cut edges and simplicity. Yet I have chosen to use a woven leather handbag by Stella McCartney to channel a more vintage look.

I have been told that your makeup should mimic the trend that you are wearing in your look. You should always aim to have a cohesive look and the textures, colors and vibes of your clothes should be reflected in the way that you apply your makeup and wear your hair. Therefore, the sleekness of my hair (as it is brushed back with a clean-cut middle part and tucked behind my ears) mimics the sleekness of my ensemble.

I touch on the vintage vibes of my woven handbag by wearing the lips inspired by one of my very own musses, Brigitte Bardot, in the lip color Brigitte by Laura Mercier. This is the perfect nude lip and it is seamless and almost monochromatic with my skin, which is another example of how your makeup should mimic your ensemble.
One of my favorite parts of this look is the feathery eyebrow that every high-fashion model seems to be rocking on the runways. I achieved this brow by using the Trish McEvoy Brow Mascara long-wear in natural brunette. What I love about this product is that it deposits fiber into the brow, as it brushes extenuates each individual brow-hair that you have.
It has never felt easier to rock both the monochromatic and a vintage look in one.

And what could be a more perfect time to channel these vibes than in the midst of a hot summer?
Get My Look: 1.Tibi Satin Poplin Tie Sleeve Tunic 2. Brigitte by Laura Mercier 3. Trish McEvoy Brow Mascara Long Wear 4. Stella McCartney Beckett mini faux-leather cross-body bag