STYLE GURU STYLE: Festival Season

Festival season is among us—music festival season, that is. To some that means an ungodly amount of glitter, flash tats, and probably some sort of bohemian maxi dress that imitates the tapestries seen in almost every freshman girl’s college dorm room. While this is a suitable way to go about a festival, as it is the most popular style, I see festivals as a perfect manner to wear the perfect outfit showing off your personal style. It’s almost like your last meal—what would you choose to wear for a full day filled with sweat, tears (for some), and unforgettable memories? And maybe to impress your favorite band if you’re front row? Maybe even more importantly, comfort is key. Standing all day with the sun beating down on you does not call for heavy knits, pants, or shoes that do not fall under the category of sneakers. So, personal style and comfort equal the perfect festival outfit? Easy as pie.

I used these guidelines to help me get dressed for Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, aka the festival that has made me fall in love with music over and over again four times in a row. So for my fourth time, I put my festival fashion knowledge to work. I declare overalls as my favorite article of clothing, but they just don’t seem to work for every occasion. I slipped on my Calvin Klein overalls, otherwise known as my festival overalls, as I’ve worn them to two festivals in a row now—shamelessly. A knit, off-the-shoulder top peeked out from underneath the overalls, and a chambray shirt was tied around my waist, mostly as a layering mechanism just in case it rained (which it did!) but also as a way to not fall under the less-is-more category. What a way to oppose a style that seems like it was invented for festivals! On my feet, I wore glitter socks to make up for the lack of glitter on my face and my go-to festival shoes, my Stan Smiths. Not featured is my favorite Man Repeller hat to keep the sun off my face and my Madewell sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes. It was a sunny weekend!

I always attempt to make my festival experiences not about fashion, as it should be a weekend full of music and far too many popsicles eaten in one day. But adding style to the mix doesn’t hurt. Also, it makes for some amazing photos.