STYLE GURU STYLE: Festival Fashion According To Rebecca Minkoff

As finals approach and each day brings warmer weather, it’s getting harder to concentrate on my Shakespeare readings when all I can think about are my travel plans for the summer. While I notice that some people are still sporting all-black ensembles, Fordham street style has finally made the transition to beautifully patterned rompers and brightly colored sandals. With Fordham’s version of a Spring Fling having just passed, summer fashion has irrefutably taken off at our small, Bronx campus.

A couple of months ago, CollegeFashionista held an event at Rebecca Minkoff’s Flagship store in downtown Manhattan.  It was there that the designer graciously conversed with Style Gurus and revealed her favorite choices for summer festival fashion, white lace and fringe bags. Minkoff’s advice called to mind her spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Featuring flouncy blouses and pastels reminiscent of days spent at the beach, the collection boasted an array of breathable materials that offered practicality for women’s spring and summer fashion.

While the weather unexpectedly dipped down to the high ‘40s, I braved the cold to model my own take on Rebecca Minkoff’s festival fashion advice and her spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Following the tradition of signature, summer whites, I sided for a thin dress that wouldn’t be too overwhelming in the heat and humidity of upcoming months. While the piece is much longer than the popular sundress, it works well for times when I’d rather cover up my fair skin against the intense sun. An array of strappy sandals and heels that elongated the legs were also notable pieces of the collection, which spurred me to adorn my favorite sandals from J.Crew. Lastly, in honor of having met Rebecca Minkoff herself, I drew the look together with my black “Mini MAC” cross-body.

Get My Look: 1. The white dress. 2. The must-have strappy sandals. 3. The bag.