STYLE GURU STYLE: Feeling The Baby Blues

The weather has been all over the place lately, but that’s not stopping me from embracing spring as much as I can. I’ve been craving pastels and flowy materials more than ever. That’s probably why I was so enchanted by the Band of Outsiders spring 2015 ready-to-wear show. The models wore short skirts and comfy cotton shirts that looked perfect for lazy summer afternoons. The show had a quirky cool vibe to it, thanks to fun prints and upbeat styles. Basically, it was exactly what I want to achieve with my spring wardrobe.

My favorite looks in the show involved the softest baby blue color I have ever seen. It was so delicate and perfect that I fell in love immediately. I replicated it with this loose pastel button-down from American Eagle Outfitters. It is great for those days when you just need to slip something on and dash out the door.

I threw on a black lace skirt as an ode to the whimsical theme in the show. The lace trim is pretty and still casual enough to work well with the relaxed blouse. It also pairs nicely with my black sun hat, which I also used to connect with the show. I am amazed by how this hat adds an instant glam factor to pretty much every outfit. Plus, it’s also great for sun protection.

Because the runway looks relied upon cooler shades, I thought that silver jewelry would go well with my outfit and stay true to the original theme of the show. My eye necklace matches perfectly with the baby blue of my shirt. It also matches with my silver ring assortment and provides a bit of sparkle in the overall outfit. I finished things off with a pair of comfy black flats that are reminiscent of the ones in the Band of Outsiders show.

All in all, the inspiration from the Band of Outsiders show was exactly what I needed to get into the springtime mood. I am ready to embrace pastels, ditch the tights and spend as much time outside as I can. Now all I need is for Mother Nature to cooperate!

Get My Look: 1. A baby blue top. 2. A glamorous hat. 3. A girly black skirt.