April 24th, 2017 at 2:00am

Everyone has those certain pieces in their wardrobe that they adore, but let’s face it—they’re extra. You wait month after month for the perfect occasion to present itself so that you can finally stunt in your over-the-top outfit. Personally, I am tired of waiting, and now I’m ready to break this vicious cycle. Spring is all about defrosting our wardrobes and incorporating whimsical, colorful elements. Upon this heavily anticipated arrival, I could not imagine a better time to finally break out the fancy pants.

To achieve my simple look, I styled my iridescent sequin joggers with minimal elements to maintain the focus on the pants. The white off-the-shoulder T-shirt provides a streamlined element to offset the fullness of the joggers. I accessorized with minimal gold star earrings and simple nude heels.

Despite the undying love we all have for our beloved fancy pants, this affair seems like a love-hate relationship at times. The reason we feel this way is because of the intimidation that comes along when trying to style them. The trick is to think outside the box. They can be styled either simply with minimal elements, or you can incorporate them into a more bold look by pairing them with unexpected pieces.

If I were shooting for a more bold look, I would pair these sequin joggers with a simple band T-shirt to achieve an edgier look. I would accessorize with minimal jewelry and sneakers. This would create a casual yet interesting look that would be perfect for class.