STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling for Ponchos

Fall is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons, some being the crisp, cool air, or the excuse to constantly being drinking coffee and my favorite aspect–the fashion. This year I am so obsessed with all of the dark orange and maroon colors that I have to incorporate one of the colors into my outfit each day. Also, with the cool air here and even colder temperatures on their way, I am buying every poncho in sight because I think they are the best fashion invention to date. They are so comfortable and warm, while having the ability to move freely and not feel suffocated like some jackets make me feel.

I have had my eye on Rebecca Minkoff fall 2015 runway looks because she has captured everything that I love about fall in one collection! She has taken fall to a whole new level, all of the fringe, the dark colors and the ponchos and jackets. I thought the best way to represent her collection was to pair a fringy poncho with a little black dress and tall brown boots. I think the best way to wear a poncho is either with a dress, which makes it much more fun to twirl around, or with a pair of boyfriend jeans. My tall boots came in handy since it was rather windy, but the reason for choosing these besides the weather was for a color contrast. I thought the dark orange and grey from my poncho, the black from my dress and a lighter warmer color for shoes tied the whole outfit together.

My ultimate goal in the fall is to dress cute, while staying warm. Once I got my hands on a few ponchos, sweaters and boots, I’m set for the season!

 Get My Look: 1. Poncho. 2. Black dress. 3. Tall brown boots.