STYLE GURU STYLE: Fallin' for Suede

As the weather gets colder and the leaves start to fall, I always look for a staple outfit that I can wear during the day into nighttime. It is hard to dress up this time of year because I want my look to be a little flirty, but I am always worried about freezing my butt off. I aim for an outfit that is easy to throw on but looks put together as well. This look is awesome because it allows me to be comfortable, but it’s fun at the same time.

My mom bought these boots first for me as a surprise, and did not know what exactly to pair them with. These kind of boots are super popular this year, and they can be found in the windows of many of the shoe stores right now. These boots are great because you can wear them with all sorts of outfits. Not only can you wear them with a dress, but you can pair them with skirts, jeans or leggings. It transforms your look into something chic and sexy. It is also fun that you can wear these boot at any time of the day. They have a little heel that makes them easy to walk in day or night, so if you are up for the challenge, they can be worn in all sorts of occasions.

For this particular look, I found this dress online and immediately envisioned the two together. The delicate lace of the dress paired with the boots makes this one of my favorite outfits. I love how loose fitting the dress is. It is technically a tunic, but since I am so short, it falls just right for the length. If you are worried about seeing through the lace, you can add a tight and stretchy slip underneath. You can also make this look even cooler by throwing a black slip underneath. For me, I did not have to wear a slip because the lace fell just right that you could not see my undergarments at all.

To tie the look together, I paired my outfit with a big black hat. A hat is a necessity in a wardrobe, I think, because then you can just throw one on and not worry about your hair so much. I also think they are great because it made my outfit look a little more conservative and something I could easily wear for the daytime. Take this hat off, and it’s an outfit ready for a good night too. I think that without my hat, it wouldn’t quite complete the boho feel that I was trying to give off with this ensemble.

All in all, this outfit does a great job of displaying my personality within it, and I encourage other Fashionistas to try and find an outfit that speaks so well for them too. Grab a staple like these boots for your closet, and the outfit possibilities are endless!