STYLE GURU STYLE: Fairy Tale Flair

As I have ventured into adulthood, I find myself nostalgic for the magic of Disney I experienced as a child. My favorite Disney princess is, and always will be, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I can still recite every line of every song from the film to this day. I’ve also found that I’m not alone in this feeling, as I have never experienced more enthusiasm for memories of childhood than during my college experience. It’s completely normal to sing lines from High School Musical or take a study break to watch Tarzan, am I right?

This nostalgia is the root of my appreciation for Dolce&Gabbana’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear line. The show truly took me on a journey into my princess fairy tale dreams that I once experienced as a bright-eyed five-year-old wandering through Magic Kingdom. The most admirable aspect of the show is that these looks are modern and definitely pieces that anyone can rock without looking like they’re ready for Halloween a few months early.

Taking inspiration from this line, I added a fairy tale flair to my everyday wear. A majority of the pieces in the show stuck to a neutral color palette and gave lots of love to black and white, so I chose to imitate that dichromatic theme in my look. I intentionally chose pieces that are comfortable and casual yet still have a bit of flair to them.

My outfit includes a lace, bell sleeve Kendall & Kylie top matched with a pair of white side-striped pants. I added the monochrome leather Converse to create a more casual vibe for the outfit. The necklace is a replica of the rose from Beauty and the Beast and it ties the look together with that touch of magic.

You’re never too old to rock that Disney love and it will never go out of style. I chose to keep my outfit modern and sleek, adding a subtle princess touch. The pieces come together to create a look that is of royal standard, but is reasonably comfortable for day-to-day wear and tear.

Get My Look: 1. Any bell sleeve shirt. 2. Any white pants. 3. Any Disney accessory.