STYLE GURU STYLE: Endless Layers

May 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

I can´t even describe how awesome was Dsquared² most recent runway show. These two Canadian twins always surprise me, and this time reality was higher than expectations! The great amount of layers magnificently used for each of the looks is what Dean and Dan have done better. By the use of different textures, prints and colors, they have managed to create something different but at the same time something in which I felt deeply reflected style.

Today´s look is just a reflection of this layer effect I am talking about. I have to say I´m honored to be wearing Caitlin Ritchie designs. She is an apparel designer who has just graduated here at Purdue, and I was the lucky one to model with this gorgeous outfit she created for the 2015 Purdue Fashion Show.

Just as the specific look I have focused in from the Dsquared² runway, I am wearing a combination of a dress, denim jacket and a big warm coat. Firstly, I need to highlight the gorgeous lavender dress. What I like most out of this dress is how playful it is. She has managed to create the perfect sexy definition that I always look for in a dress; when choosing one I have always followed the rule “less is more.”

No lesser relevance is the big wool coat. Let’s be real, we are in Indiana so it is impossible to wear a nice dress without a big coat on top, and this is the perfect way to match them. This nice coat reveals two of the main trends for this next fall, these are its length up to the knee and its unique fabric, which I call “The grandpa fabric.”

The good thing about actually knowing the designer is that you can reach the exact cloth I am wearing by searching on her webpage.

Get My Look: 1. A classy but casual dress. 2. A denim shirt. 3. A big wool, plaid coat.