STYLE GURU STYLE: Effortless Spring Style

Coming from a large university in the Midwest, I can understand firsthand that the spring weather changes daily. While winter was a time of thick winter jackets and heavy rubber-soled boots, spring style can be much simpler and lighter. For spring, let your style show through simple, yet statement infused elements.

One of my top recommendations for conquering the spring weather is to have a staple jacket on hand. I’m speaking about a jacket you can grab to walk to class, grab a coffee, or even to study in the library. A neat, clean-cut jean jacket will get the job done. A jean jacket can be paired well with black or blue jeans, and is perfect for that spring look. Feel free to dress the jean jacket up or down, depending on your desired location.

Another great piece for spring is a comfy pair of walking shoes. A popular brand of sneakers on the UW-Madison campus are the Adidas Superstar shoes. These shoes are not only stylish, but incredibly comfy. Spring is the perfect season for taking extra walks around campus or going the scenic way to class, and with these shoes, all things are possible. They pair nicely with ankle jeans or a skirt, if the weather cooperates.

Staying casual and comfy in college is easy with a simple gold statement necklace. Whether it has your personalized coordinates, an outline of your state, or no meaning at all, a gold chain will go with pretty much anything. The neat idea about a personalized state gold necklace is the fact that you can have a piece of your home with your wherever you go. Attending a college in a different state is difficult, but by wearing my personalized necklace, I feel a sense of home. This necklace also spices up a simple outfit. Pairing black and gold is always beautiful, and this necklace is the perfect accessory for the comfy college girl style.

Spring is a beautiful season for both weather and fashion. Remember to grab your jacket, comfy walking shoes, and enjoy the outdoors. Take the time to explore someplace new on campus. Who knows, maybe someone will comment on your great college style.