To say I am interested in Russia would be a complete understatement. As a Slavic Studies major, and someone who will be taking advanced Russian next fall, it’s safe to say I’m head over heels with everything Russia. My love for the country doesn’t end with the language or cultures—I’m totally into Russian fashion as well. Russian style-star and entrepreneur Miroslava Duma is a major inspiration of mine, so a few years back I was inspired to start checking out Russian runway shows. Russia’s fall 2016 shows were filled with jewel tones and thick fabrics, but I found one show which stood out from the rest, and featured springy florals with an edgy touch. Saint-Tokyo’s fall 2016 show featured much edgier pieces than anything I own, but I still wanted to take inspiration from it for my own look.

Leather jackets (faux, of course) and floral patterns are a match made in heaven. Something about the juxtaposition between such a rock ‘n’ roll piece and something so feminine is beyond appealing to the eye. Plus, it hasn’t completely warmed up outside, so the jacket means you can wear your favorite spring styles without freezing when you go out. A cropped jacket would look amazing with this look, as well, and be an option for a slightly warmer day.

My floral skirt is a bit in-between the hem lengths featured on the Saint-Tokyo runway, but it was the best piece in my closet to really channel the collection. Additionally, it’s more pastel-toned than the florals from the runway show, but I thought the color palette was more fitting for spring. Once fall rolls around, a darker floral mini-skirt would look so cool with a leather jacket and tights. (I’m making a mental note right now to recreate that look in just about five months!)

The silver studs on my heeled sandals match both my silver rings and the silver hardware on the jacket, so it keeps with the edgier theme. An extra bonus with these shoes is how comfortable they are! I don’t usually opt for such a low heel, but I couldn’t resist once I tried these shoes on. I could absolutely wear these all day long without having aching feet by the end of the day.

Minimal jewelry felt like the way to go with this look, since the jacket and shoes are both pieces that can stand alone, and the floral skirt really adds the pop of color the whole looks needs. Once summer rolls around I won’t be able to wear this look too often, but I will definitely keep with this edgy floral theme as long as I can.

Get My Look: 1. Faux Leather Jacket. 2. Floral Skirt. 3. Heeled Sandals.