STYLE GURU STYLE: Eclectically Geek Chic

For about a year, the phrase “geek chic” has become almost as commonplace as other fashion cliches, such as “must-have” and “trendy.” This does not come as much of a surprise considering the general direction of collections since last fall. A wave of designers released lineups brimming with conservative necklines, pristinely tailored pants, and luxurious flats, most commonly exhibited with the loafer that nudged the pointed toe pump to the side as the new professional shoe. While some labels, such as Steven Alan, debuted studious fashions via neutral turtlenecks tied into ensembles that were largely monochromatic, others, such as Gucci, took a more animated approach to the trend.

When perusing the shows from Milan Fashion Week, the Gucci F/W 17 collection stood out to me most. I could not help but be drawn into the baroque features that saturated each carefully assembled look. The convergence of rich textiles, layers of accessories, and meticulous stitching would be able to hold the fascination of even those who are most apathetic to fashion trends.

For my adaptation of the “geek chic” look, I started with a high-neck blouse. The embroidered paneling on the off-white blouse added a tinge of eclectic charm that is a hallmark of the Gucci brand. Out of admiration for the deep jewel tones that ribboned through the collection, I wore maroon pants instead of my typical black slacks. I would recommend these jewel-toned pants with ruffled trim as a slightly a more unique alternative for this type of look. I wrapped up my outfit with a pair of black loafers, which I thought to be the best option considering that the loafer may be Gucci’s most signature product of the moment.