Full disclosure: I’ve been style-slacking a little this week. In my own defense, there has been a lot going on. A new quarter has begun at UCLA, which means lots of errands, textbook buying trips, meetings, articles and interviews. My baseball cap has been getting a little too much love from my unruly hair, and the old tank top and leggings combination is back in action. Then I got to thinking. You know how celebrities always look so incredibly polished? These people must be busy and tired with all that jet setting, yet they manage to stay fierce. To emulate their polish, I looked to Chloé’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection for my spring uniform inspiration. A favorite sundress and pastel leather sandals? Count me in.

Another moment of complete honesty: I own this Brandy Melville sundress in multiple colors. Even though I bought my dresses last year, the company still sells the popular cut! Inexpensive, ever-so-slightly asymmetrical and perfect for layering, it truly makes the perfect staple. I love layering it with sweaters, kimonos and flannels. For this time of year, though, a favorite dress can stand alone.

I’ve recently begun another fun habit. I missed wearing bracelets and decided to pair a kate spade bangle with a favorite cuff from my mom. Once this duo hit my arm, I realized the perfection within the pairing! Shiny but simple and modern, the stack of bracelets shows you can have a jewelry uniform, too. For a generally great rule, trying matching one thick bracelet with one thin design. This ratio looks sophisticated and expertly planned!

What complete spring look doesn’t stretch from head to toe? As I said, I love that Chloé chose pastel gladiator sandals, the perfect strong leather shoe for active Fashionistas. My pair from Teva are not only incredibly comfortable, but are the prettiest sandal shade I’ve ever owned. To complete my look, I gave my baseball cap a rest and chose my ever-handy tan wool hat. People probably think I glued it to my head, and I am not sure that’s a problem. (One brief moment of advice, though: If April showers are heading your way, keep the wool hat inside! Rain can be a bummer for favorite fabrics like wool, as well as the form of a hat).

Finally, spring brings bright sunshine! Shades block the sun and can do the work of makeup in much less time. My sunglasses probably cost about seven dollars, but I love buying cheap shades for spring! It can be fun to have a variety to play with, and you’ll never be without the prefect pair.

Get My Look: 1. A well-cut, inexpensive cotton dress. 2. A simple, stackable cuff. 3. Strappy lavender sandals.

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