Greetings Fashionistas/os!

This week we will talk about dresses for the summer, especially for formal events like birthdays, graduation and more. I feel the key to finding the perfect dress suited for the summer is to find one that is comfortable. It can be really hot and humid over the summer, so you must find a dress that is not overbearing. At the same time, you must not overload with jewelry because you want to feel light and not have to carry a load on a hot, summer day. A specific runway show that inspired me was the Balmain resort 2016 collection, which focuses on specifically graphic lace and light colors.

This week, I am wearing a light pink dress that is actually a fusion of lace on top and a formal type of “silk” on the bottom. Just like the collection, the dress itself looks very elegant and sophisticated for the summer. Moreover, the outfit looks and feels comfortable as well.

Now, notice the jewelry, as it is not overbearing at all. I wore classy pearl earrings which simply complemented the dress and did not provide any distractions. Furthermore, one of my favorite parts of the whole look are the wedges. The shoes are a slightly darker color than the dress, but they work magically with the whole look. A helpful tip is to find shoes that can be a shade darker with the outfit, especially for dresses; otherwise stick with black.

Go find your perfect summer dress, and see you all next week!

Get My Look: 1. Light pink dress. 2. Pearls. 3. Wedges.