STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress Me In Sea, Please

April 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

As a high end contemporary brand, Sea designs clothes for women who enjoy the casual hours of the day. Sea keeps the clothes simple and modern. Observing their past collections, the brand keeps their silhouettes simple and modern. Luckily, a Fashionsta can slip on a Sea shift dress or skirt without much primping. Each garment hugs the body in a flattering way. The clothes give women an aura of sophistication. At the same time, they will look fresh and natural throughout the day. In Sea’s 2015 ready-to-wear collection, the clothes resemble a style seen in resort wear. The models look relaxed and comfortable which is a feeling we all yearn for in the spring. As a major element, Sea keeps the line clean. The clothes have no embellishments or abnormal detailing. Instead the brand shows the importance of natural beauty, without the anxiety of fulfilling society’s expectations.

As a common belief, many define fashion as complicated and over the top. In truth, everyday wear can bring the same amount of beauty found in couture lines. On many occasions, many Fashionistas disregard simple clothes. Clean-cut lines leave a powerful statement as well. Extravagant wear has its moments, but vary your style and follow today’s casual trends.

For this week’s outfit, I discovered a pair of Sea shorts from my favorite boutique called Max. The shorts are a part of the 2015 ready-to wear collection. For inspiration, I created an everyday look; I found simple pieces with no extreme stitching or drapery. The shorts make the outfit look casual, but the pattern individualizes my style from others. Since I want a relaxed look, I chose a simple Michael Stars tank top. The black tank tones down the outfit, making it appropriate for the daytime. On top, I paired the shorts with an Isabel Marant Étoile jacket. The red jacket accentuates the red geometric shapes on the shorts. In addition, the jacket gives the outfit more depth. Beforehand, the tank top alone made the ensemble boring and flat.

For a casual look in the summer, find a simple skirt or pair of shorts that has an interesting pattern. Leave the skirt as the major statement and keep the rest clean and modern. Sea only includes minor details and calls the look fashion forward.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of patterned shorts. 2. A single colored tank top. 3. A matching jacket.