STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress Italian, Look Exquisite

April 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

After my trip to Paris this past March, I can’t wait to travel again. Now that I’m assured I can thrive in an entirely new country, I have my eyes set on my next destination: Florence. With the desire to visit Italy comes the need to immerse myself into the world of Italian designers and culture. I was inspired by Valentino’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection not only because of the unique themes and detailed embellishments, but also because of the idea behind the collection. Named the “Grand Tour,” the concept behind Valentino’s collection was an educational trip for young Europeans to explore the art, philosophy and tradition of Italy.

Through the poetic floral designs and the sheer ocean-themed embellishments, this collection successfully transferred the sense/concept/idea of what makes Italian culture significant. One of the aspects of this RTW collection that interested me was how the outfits were minimal, yet the patchwork and embroidery were eye-catching. Valentino once said, “I like things simple” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. My style can often be described as minimal since I don’t layer much nor incorporate several pieces into one look. Especially with the warmer weather coming, I try to layer less and wear only a few pieces that play off each other well. 

In an effort to incorporate this runway trend into my own style, I opted for a printed dress with geometric designs. Since I wanted my patterned dress to be my prominent piece, I paired it with a black melange cardigan. I always like to pair a dress with a cardigan, blazer or chic jacket, so I chose my favorite mesh cardigan that I feel comfortable and confident in. Each look in Valentino’s collection included black roman sandals that tied up to the knee. I finished my outfit off with black lace-up wedges since they’re chic and versatile and best imitate the shoes seen in the collection. My favorite part of my look is how well my printed dress and henna design look together. Of course, my henna is the only (and my favorite) accessory I needed to complement my outfit. 

Get My Look: 1. Printed dress. 2. Cardigan. 3. Lace-up wedges.