My wardrobe is laden with leather jackets, graphic T-shirts and military boots. I have somehow managed thus far to avoid everything preppy. I suppose it’s because I have never been a Southern belle type of girl. Golf shirts and girly light pink dresses usually make me want to run in terror. However, when I came across Lacoste’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show I fell in love. The bright and airy colors combined with the boxy shapes made for a beautiful collection. My instant reaction: how could I bring these elements into my closet? Goodbye edgy grunge Fashionista, and hello feminine preppy trendsetter.

On one of my many shopping ventures, I found this reused vintage jean dress on sale and I knew I had hit the jackpot. The color brings another dimension to the preexisting elements in my wardrobe. Also, the sleeves are great for those in-between seasons. (Is it actually spring? Because it still feels like winter…) Although the dress is not form fitting at all, the cut and shape flatter many different body types. Have wide hips? No problem. Have broad shoulders? No problem. Haven’t lost that extra winter weight? No problem! Plus, the major benefit: it feels like you are wearing a nightgown. Comfort is necessary for all occasions.

A dress like this requires very little accessories. To complete the preppy look, just add an everyday clutch. You can never go wrong with tan leather and to bring a little bit of flair, add some gold jewelry.

Get My Look: 1. Light wash jean dress.  2. A leather clutch.  3. Gold bangles.